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3D Modelling by Drone

Drones enable us to capture details, intricacies, and beauty of a structure not easily seen from the ground level but how is it done? What type of images are captured? A drone is sent over the structure capturing regular nadir imagery (photographs captured from directly above looking down). If you’re making a 3D model of […]

Drone Roof Surveys

Is a Drone Roof Survey more than just nice pictures? The increase in the use of drones has been present in a range of industries and has benefited them greatly and the roofing world is no exception. If you’re not using drones for your roof surveys, here are a whole range of benefits you’re probably […]

Drones & the Law

Flying a drone commercially – are they doing it legally? Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA’s) are now widely available for commercial use. More popularly known as drones, just like many other devices, they can cause injury or damage if they are not used responsibly and so are subject to specific safety rules relating to the way [...]

Drones in Agriculture

Why use a Drone company to assist with your farming? Today’s drones and software, assisted by cloud computing and advanced analytics, can bring real value to a farm. Many people can remember early drone days when both hardware and software were in their infancy, now things have changed. What is an Agricultural Drone? An agricultural […]



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